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monitor frequency problem

I've installed Severn onto a Shuttle SK41G.  Below are the specs for the
motherboard taken from the Shuttle website:

CPU Socket : AMD Socket A, support 266/200MHz FSB CPU
Chipsets : North bridge-VIA KM266, South bridge-VIA 8235
Memory : Spoort DDR 266/200 * 2
On Board VGA : VIA Savage8, 8-32 MB VGA share memory
On Board Audio : Realtek ALC650 support 5.1 channel audio, Support n/Out
Expansion Slot : PCI * 1, AGP * 1
IDE interface : ATA-133

I was able to install Severn in text mode to the point that the computer
reboots.  The problem arises when the reboot is processing, eventually
the screen goes blank and I get this error message:

out of range
26Hz / 21Khz

I suspect that the monitor frequency is incorrectly set and I somehow
need to change this before the system starts loading.  The monitor I
have is a GEM LCD and the frequency recommended is (H) 30Khz-60Khz and
(V) 50Hz-75 Hz.  I would appreciate if someone has any suggestions on
how to correct this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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