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RE: What price do you want?

Thanks for updating me on the history lesson.  I am not expert, I am
just going from how I see it. I may indeed, see it wrong so bare with me
on that.

I do not know Cygnus or there three men you mentioned.  I did read the
GPL FAQ.  I am not accusing Red Hat or anyone else of violating the GPL,
but as I see it, their new policy appends the license.  

The way I see it, Red Hat distributes the GPL with the software, but
they won't sell it unless the buyer signs a contract that contradicts it
saying that they will lose all support if they distribute it or use it
on more than one computer.

It is that combination that says effectively, "You can buy this software
but you must give up your rights to the GPL I am required to include
with it.

I am afraid I would have to see the rule that gives them that right. 

I know I am the new kid on the block and you have lived there all your
life.  I concede that I may be wrong.  I am just trying to see this for
what it really is.


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> If Red Hat's contract is deemed legal, then they have just effectively

> found a way around the GNU license.  Now they can take what is 
> required to be public by license and taken it for themselves and 
> restricted the distribution.

Do you remember Cygnus ? It's same business model.
Are you saying that M.Tiemann, D.Henkel and J.Gilmore were breaking GPL
? X-)

not to know how to read is not supported ;-)


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