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Re: What price do you want?

On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 12:24:40PM -0400, Roger Pe?a Escobio wrote:
> but, did you the notice the EXPORT CONTROL paragraph ?  as you could
> notice, i'm from cuba, i'm a cuban citizen and also i live in cuba,
> so , as explicity say in the EXPORT CONTROL paragraph, i'm avoided
> to use the RHEL, also the beta :-(, i can understant that RedHat can
> sell it's soft under GPL but restricting who can get it (as Lindows
> do) but the BETA version is public !!!??? so how can the BETA public

GPL is an example of a license. A license restricts your rights in the
countries that honour the license. The American government has chosen
(perhaps with just cause) to limit exports of any implementations of
certain classes of cryptography. The GPL can say what it wants, but the
GPL can *not* override the rules of the country. The rules of the country
take precedence.

If you have a problem with Cuba showing up in the list of countries that
the Americans have chosen not to trust, you should take it up with the
American government.

I do not believe it is reasonable to cut out all the cryptographic features
in RHEL just to ensure that it can export to all countries in the world. The
features are valuable to the rest of us.

Your conflict is with the US, not with any of us, or with RedHat.


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