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Fedora Questions

I know you guys have probably been pretty much fending off the naysayers
for the last couple of days who are predicting doom on Red Hat.  I will
admit I dont agree with the route Red Hat has taken but I am going to give
Fedora Core a fair chance and I am not going to jump the gun and immediate
start suggesting SuSE Linux to my clients.  I have a couple of questions
that I would like to have answered and if no one on the list can answer
these questions can someone please pass them along to a Red Hat associate.

1.  Will Red Hat be extending the EOL for any of its older products such
as RH 7.x and 8.x and will they allow any further renewal subscriptions to
services for these older products?

2.  Will Red Hat make boxed versions available of Fedora Core through the
online store or is there a plan to get a third party retail firm behind

3.  Will Red Hat extend any kind of service agreements to users of Fedora
Core in a production environment who are subscribed to the RHEL services?

4.  Has anyone heard or talked to Sun about the status of Java support
extending to Fedora Core as they do through Red Hat 8.x and 9.x?

5.  What will be the status of NVidia driver support for Fedora Core?

Most of my clients need Java and the NVidia or ATI support and they do not
wish to subscribe to RHEL, most of them have inside Linux techs who do
most of the updates for them or for anything really intensive they call me
and my company.

If you wish to contact me privately you may

To view my Linux help page and howto's goto


I have information on x86 Linux and PowerPC Linux

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