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RE: What price do you want?

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On Fri, 26 Sep 2003 21:48:25 -0400, Buck wrote:

> Just my $.02 worth.
> Buck

What is written on the following pages also applies to public


Please consider Netiquette. You reach more people when you do.

- -- 
Michael, who doesn't reply to top posts and complete quotes anymore.


I appreciate your help. I read the FAQ and have only one problem.  The
quotes.  I use Outlook 2002 and can set my quotes either to add the ">"
quote marks or to leave the lines as originally typed.  Unfortunately I
can't select a particular email account to be different or I would do
so.  I need to forward certain email without the edited lines regularly
so I can't afford to change it.  Forgetting to reset it to clean edges
causes severe consequences and lots and lots of extra work.  While I
would like to comply to this feature, I would also like to keep my
sanity and not throw this monitor through the window.  (Yes, I have!
But I haven't made a habit of it....yet.)

If it means anything, I have started responding below the text.

Thanks again

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