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Re: What price do you want?

Buck wrote:
> ...
> If the school can buy 6 servers and however many workstations, it can
> come up with $100 for unlimited software with only update support.

They didn't buy them - they were donated.  Nearly all of their hardware
is.  My home network isn't too far off that either.  Only my workstation
was bought new - the servers were 2nd hand purchases or built from
hand-me-down parts (nothing over 300 MHz, either).

> \quote
> In all of the above cases, i'd really like a set of CDs/DVDs delivered
> to me.   They don't have to be pretty, just functional.  The main reason
> for this is that on current bandwidth prices, it would cost me a minimum
> of AU$168 to download a 3 x 700 Mb CD set.
> Quote\
> I assume you would agree to pay shipping.

3 CDs couldn't possibly cost $168, even with shipping.  I'm not talking
about boxed sets here, just updates for subscribed customers.

> ...
> I would want an intermediate update program for my non-profit and low
> end edu purposes.  I would want a utility that finds all the necessary
> updates for all my computers and downloads each RPM.  Then I would want
> each computer to have a customized up2date that sees the new packages,
> checks to see if it needs one, and automatically installs it from where
> I downloaded them to. That would be cross beneficial to Red Hat and me
> as I have less work and RH only uses the bandwidth for one of my
> computers.  All my other computers would get them from me.

That's what RHN Enterprise is for.  With the attached price, of course.

You can get a lot of the benefits of having RHN Enterprise by running
squid and putting useNoSSLForPackages=1 in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date.
Set them to use the same proxy server and all the packages get cached

Speaking of which, it's time to write my next rant on
useNoSSLForPackages (in a new thread, of course).

A: Because we read from top to bottom, left to right.
Q: Why should i start my reply below the quoted text?

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