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problems compiling AS2.1 kernels for enterprise evaluation


I'm compiling Advanced server 2.1 sources in an effort to create an AS2.1 pilot installation so that management could evaluate it with the possibility of later buying one of the support licenses from RedHat.

So far I've compiled sources on a RH7.2, created the installation CD's and installed from CD, using the earliest available kernel package (2.4.9-e.9). The installation went fine and I'm not having any problems with the resulting system so far.

Now I'm compiling the sources again (this time on my initial install of AS2.1 build) to make sure the result is as close to what would come in an official AS2.1 distribution as possible. Naturally, I'm interested in including the most recent kernel in the resulting CD set. However, none of the kernel-2.4.18-* source RPMS from the updates compile. Each of them includes at least half a dozen patches that seem to want to patch files that don't exist in the sources. After removing references to the problem patches from the spec file and recompiling, either the make config stage complains about there not being defaults for some of the configuration settings (easily fixed), or the "make" stage can't find a target to make something. And since I'm not a kernel hacker, I'm not sure how to fix that.

I'd really like to be able to evaluate the most recent kernels for AS since they seem to include a lot of useful patches (especially the Oracle-related ones and the new driver modules), otherwise we might as well go with RH7.3 for deployment. So if anyone can point me in the right direction for compiling the most recent kernel packages, I'd greatly appreciate it.

My system is an i686 one, I use rpmbuild --rebuild kerne*.src.rpm command, or rpmbuild -ba /pathtospecfile command. I'm compiling as a non-root user with %top_dir set properly. Every single applicable AS2.1 package that I compiled on 7.2 (about 1200 of them in total) is installed.

Thanks in advanced.

Max Pakhutkin

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