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Re: Is firewall yes/no really honoured?

Just want to say that I ran into this last night ... I did an install
using the new FTP graphical option ... Everything went fine, but I
noticed that I couldn't get into the machine from my other pc ... Yep,
the firewall had been anabled ... I was pretty sure I had chosen no to
enable it ... I remember the popup box asking if I was really sure if I
wanted to proceed without a firewall enabled ... 

I was going quickly, so I may have clicked the wrong option ... but it
is good to read that someone else ended up with a firewall enabled after
install when they were sure they had chosen not too.


On Sun, 2003-09-28 at 12:34, Jos Vos wrote:
> Hi,
> After a fresh Fedore test 2 install I saw the firewall was enabled.
> I always choose disable firewall during installs, but of course
> I'm now not *100%* sure anymore that I did it also this time.
> Anyone else seeing that a firewall is enabled even when choosing
> no firewall during installation?
> Cheers,
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