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Re: How can I update from Shrike to Fedora ?

Mike Vanecek wrote:
> If I read this exchange correctly, Fedora may not be a RH 10 
> equivalent for those users of previous versions of RHL. Not a good 
> sign?? 

I was speaking ONLY of the BETA/TEST release that is currently
available.  At no point did I mean to imply anything about the official
release of Fedora Core scheduled for Nov. 

But let me imply something about Fedora Core's first official

I don't expect upgrading from rhl9 using apt or yum to be something the
developers expect to work...since i don't expect using apt/yum to do be
an engineering goal during this test phase. Use of apt or yum may or may
not work to go from rhl9 to Fedora Core 1.  But I bet money using the
update options in the Fedora Core iso images will be more reliably
becuase getting anaconda to work during the beta is going to be a higher
priority than making sure apt and yum are working as upgrade tools.

The key here is anaconda is the upgrade tool that is going to get the
testing and developer priority during this test phase that we are in
right now. Using apt or yum to go from rhl8 to rhl9 might work..but was
never really a priority for testing during the beta that came before
rhl9. Using the Fedora Core iso images...and doing an upgrade from
Fedora Core 1 will be the most reliable upgrade option.

This test phase that we are in...is still...very much a tradition RHL
like animal. You have to remember the newly announced Fedora project is
still getting the pieces and policies in place. This beta phase that we
are in pre-dates the announcement about the change of name to Fedora.


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