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Re: Installation Freeze

Josh Holtzman wrote:
> I am tring to install fedora on my Sager 4760 laptop, and it freezes
> immediately after hitting [enter] during the first step of the install.
> I've heard things like disable the USB or Firewire with boot parameters, but
> I want to be able to use these devices once linux is installed!  Does anyone
> have any feedback for getting the installer to actually, well, install?

A couple of things...
First maybe you should move any test release specific technical issues
to fedora-test mailing list. I'm sure there are some people who cross
read the two lists...but i bet more seasoned testers read fedora-test.

Second have you read the release notes for the test release fully?
Just becuase you have to disable some feature for the installer to work
does not mean those features are disabled for good. Example the Sony
laptop issue as stated in the Release notes.If there is a problem with
the kernel or whatever for your lappy, that prevents the use of these
devices even after install. Not much you can do, except file the
bugreport..follow up on the report with information as requested from
the developer and try any updated kernel(or other packages) that are
created to attempt to fix your problem. If disabling devices for
boot...gets it installed...then do exactly that, then file the bug
reports and wait for bug fixes to roll out for you to test.

-jef"just be glad the install work around doesn't involved a crowbar and
jumper cables"spaleta

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