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Re: install mbr without running install-grub ?

Let me restate the question. The /boot dir on hd1 has all of the stages,kernel,grub conf files but hd1 has no 'mbr/boot block ...' . Currently the bios says to boot from hd0 . I want to change the bios setting to boot from hd1 but hd1 is not currently 'bootable' . How do I make hd1 'bootable' from a bios standpoint without running grub-install .

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>>> akabi speakeasy net 07/06/04 10:32AM >>>
On Jul 6, 2004 at 09:54, John Minson in a soothing rage wrote:

>My system has 2 drives. hd0 has win98, hd1 FC2. Currently I boot off of
>hd0 (mbr installed by FC2 installl process)  .
>Is there a way to install the mbr onto hd1 without running install-grub ?
Sure, use grub-install instead (-:. But seriously, if you do
not like grub, you will have to use another boot loader. lilo
and boot magic come to mind. If you do like grub, I suggest
installing it on hd1.

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