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AutoCAD Alternatives -- revisited -- vendor supported IntelliCAD for Linux

We had a "meta-discussion" on this over at NTLUG (North Texas LUG)
awhile back.  I talked about BrisCAD's _official_ support for running
IntelliCAD under WINE:  

For more on other, _real_world_ engineering going on under Linux, and
the AutoDesk-Microsoft "cohorts" behind how AutoCAD was _removed_ from
_every_ platform from Windows, read:  

-- Bryan

P.S.  One thing I dispise is Linux advocates spreading unintentional
FUD.  _Know_ what exists and you _can_ offer _real_ solutions.  I was
supporting Linux on the desktop well before IPOs and what-not.  ;->
Microsoft isn't the problem.  It's the consumer that assumes there
is nothing else.

Far too many Linux advocates are ready to assume there is nothing.
Or believe things about Microsoft that just aren't true (like how
much Microsoft itself does _not_ use its own products, or how much
they outsource/contract).  Then when I talk about stuff from 100%
_first_hand_ experience, they say I'm a conspiracy theorist.

Just like the Dell Linux offerings back in 2000.  I just shake my
head.  When an engineer could only buy the slowest CPU with the
least amount of memory, tell me Microsoft wasn't behind that.
Intel trumped Microsoft at Dell because the semiconductor industry
needed 100,000+ Linux PCs/year, but Microsoft had Dell only
certify the least usable configurations to engineers.  No wonder
they didn't sell!

     Linux Enthusiasts call me anti-Linux.
   Windows Enthusisats call me anti-Microsoft.
 They both must be correct because I have over a
decade of experience with both in mission critical
environments, resulting in a bigotry dedicated to
 mitigating risk and focusing on technologies ...
           not products or vendors
Bryan J. Smith, E.I.            b j smith ieee org

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