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RES: To customise Fedora Core completly

Some time ago I have the same idea. I'll be happy if I can help with
My fundamentals is to provide a standardized system to customers, to run
the systems that I develop (in Java / SQL / client-server).
1. I think that must have the SUN's JVM in this distro.
2. The menus must be simplified. (no configs for the end-user)
3. Don't include multiple internet browsers, or mail clients. Just one
of them. (to avoid conflicts and confuse users)
4. shortcuts for the apps in the desktop (or a menu like knoppix or
5. Minimum customization in the menus / icons / desktop (standardization
for all users, avoiding confuse)

A guy developed a distro in brasil, more or less what you want: this is
called KURUMIM, but is a live distro, with less than 200 MB, and it's
base on knoppix.


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Para: For users of Fedora Core releases
Assunto: To customise Fedora Core completly

Before I start I know how some of you love certian things, What I am
about to 
request has come about after a extensive study and some test programs
run by 
Proline computers, The test subjects where endusers and they have helped
decide what a basic first timer and enduser needs from and operating
Hence my new project.
The new project is ProlineX SFU
The goal is to trim Fedora Core 2 into a one CD distro.

The Idea is to provide a Stable Fast and Userfriendly disc.
When I discussed userfriendly with the endusers, what most of us discuss
came out, I said all you need to do is .... its easy.
They said thats not user friendly. (Flame-WAR)

So I have a plan to create a shrinked version of FC2, and include the
where the user, "  just needs to... it easy "

When I finish this project I will host the disc in South Africa
somewhere for 
all to try.
The basic idea is this:
Kernel 2.7.xx
Boot graphically in under a minute to kde (bigest challenge I think)
Open Office
Some accessories
Some games
Internet tools will be a dailer, kmail and konqueror and a few other for
tooth , wireless etc..
The usual preferences menu (less what ever gets dropped as a result of
XMMS with mp3, wma,etc... support 
Acrobat reader
Real player
Have support for graphically buning CD/DVDs, with support for creating
discs from mp3s. (K3b)
Play movies and DVDs 
System tools i.e networking kwikdisc etc
Apt-get and Synaptic built in (default set to freshrpm repo's)

How do I expect this to work? Not sure but this in Linux and it is do

I would really appreciate some support on this.

The first request is to find out just for a base system no gui keeping
it LSB 
compliant what pakages from the cds do I need to get a bootable base

Chadley Wilson
Redhat Certified Technician 
Cert Number: 603004708291270
Pinnacle Micro
Manufacturers of Proline Computers
Exercise freedom, Use LINUX

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