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Re: Installing mailman of Fedora Core 5

David Jansen wrote:
On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 02:50:17PM +0200, Ignacio Verona wrote:
thanks for the reply Paul,

no, I didn't install using --noscripts. Just 'yum install mailman' and the user was not created... really strange, isn't it?

I have seen things like this happening too, especially when NIS was in
use as authentication system but sometimes with LDAP too; the scripts
then attempt to create the user in the nework authentication system in
stead of the locat /etc/passwd / shadow /group files, and this may
succeed or it may fail, but it is certainly not correct.

Perhaps not try to create the account on NIS/LDAP, but it'll fail if there's an account of the same name in there already. "man useradd" says:

   You may not add a user to a NIS group. This must be performed
   on the NIS server.

   Similarly, if the username already exists in an external user
   database such as NIS, useradd will deny the user account
   creation request.

So if you're using NIS/LDAP and there's an account called "mailman" in there, that would explain the scriptlets failure.


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