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Re: fstab missing line

On Tue, 2006-05-02 at 13:45 +0100, Ian Malone wrote:
> The /media/{volume.name} thing strikes me as silly though.

Well, in theory, if you have multiple drives, and something running from
multiple discs, you don't have to sit there managing which disc is
inserted in where.  A script can ask for /media/disc1 then /media/disc2
and actually get those discs, wherever they are, without further human

Granted that's not too much of a common issue with CDs, but it certainly
was the sort of palaver I've gone through with floppies, in years gone
past.  It's very convenient to be able to refer to a disc by its volume
name, and/or the drive by the hardware address.

/media/disc1 gets that particular disc wherever it is.
/dev/cdrom gets whatever's in that drive

The two are separately more useful in different circumstances.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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