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RE: ACPI and hotplug issues on a Dell laptop

> It would be nice to check at /var/log/message to get more information
> about
> what goes wrong when you suspend or resume. Is it a stock kernel?
Maybe it
> would worth using swsuspend2 (w/ a custom kernel), anyway there's
> to
> investigate before.

Good news on the suspend. Reading a recent post I saw someone using
pm-hibernate and tried it myself. That worked like a charm. I'll keep
banging on that one for a little while and make sure it is consistent,
but it looks like that problem is solved.

> Also, what USB devices are you attempting to unplug? Are they devices
> you can safely unplug (mouse?) and some that freeze your system?

I'm using a linksys 10/100 usb nic. I don't have any other usb device
that I use on this laptop, but I have some other usb devices around that
I will try out.

Thanks for your help.

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