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Re: kernel 2.6.16-1.2107_FC5 breaks graphical boot and NFS

Christian Nolte <ch.nolte <at> fh-wolfenbuettel.de> writes:

> Brad Kittredge schrieb:
> > Kazutoshi Morioka wrote:
> >> After upgrading to kernel-2.6.16-1.2107_FC5, graphical boot won't start.
> >> X was started, and only mouse cursor is displayed; rhgb never start.
> >> I killed X by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to boot without rhgb.
> >> I removed "rhgb" keyword from kernel commandline, then, it successfully
> >> booted.
> >>
> >> NFS server also do not work. No error was logged. but not responding.
> >>
> > Same issue with graphical boot here.  I'm using kmod-fglrx-smp from
> > Livna, if it matters.
> I have the same problem at least with the graphical boot. I have already
> filed a BUG-Report:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=190575
> Greetings
> Christian

I confirm the same problem with a newly installed FC5 system on a Dell 5150 with
Intel Core Duo and integrated 945G graphics. Hnags with a cursor as soon as it
tries to load X.

I have a question though - it boots OK with the kernel that came with the
distribution, but now I have only the two kernels:

Can someone remind me how to install the previous kernel ? - doing "yum install
kernel-smp-2.6.16-1.2096_FC5" does not work  -   also if I remove the
kernel-smp-2.6.16-1.2107_FC5 kernel it does not work either !


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