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RE: ACPI and hotplug issues on a Dell laptop

> Good news on the suspend. Reading a recent post I saw someone using
> pm-hibernate and tried it myself. That worked like a charm. I'll keep
> banging on that one for a little while and make sure it is consistent,
> but it looks like that problem is solved.

update on the suspend.

On my laptop when you use the Fn+suspend it creates two acpi events, I
guess one is "go to sleep" and another is "restore". What was happening
was it would save state fine, but when I turned it back on it would
resume then immediately suspend again, but this time the old suspend way
(where it didn't actually write out memory or anything like that, just
say "Suspending: =====" and then turn off). And just like it used to,
when I turn it back on from that it freezes.

So I just capture both events to make it work right:

event=button/sleep\ SBTN\ 00000080\ 00000001

event=button/sleep\ SBTN\ 00000080\ 00000002

Still looking into the usb problem.

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