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Re: Bemused and amused

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jdow wrote:
> Um, erm, ah <shuffles foot>, and diffidently offers up this little
> observation of perceived absurdity:
> I logged in to change my preferences. And as I scrolled down one of
> the items caught my eye. Now, mind you, I logged in and gave my
> password, right? Should I really feel warm fuzzies over a mailing
> list manager software package that offers to email me my forgotten
> password in a place on a page that requires me to have already
> entered my password?

It's not as senseless as it seems.  If you log in once you'll get a
cookie so you won't have to log in again.  It's a session cookie,
which should expire when you close the browser, but that's probably
relying too much on a user's browser to do the right thing.  In the
case where someone has the cookie still and gets to that page without
having entered their password, it might be useful to get the reminder.

You can also get the reminder without having to log in, so I think
it's just a case of the Mailman developers being cautious.  If you ask
on th mailman-developers or -users list I'll bet someone will be able
to give a better explanation for why that feature is there - possibly
having something to do with buggy browsers or very absent minded users
(which may be redundant depending on how you read "buggy browsers).
The mailman crew are a friendly and insightful bunch.  (But they are
Python people, so they can also be a little peculiar. :)

> Thank you for today's entry to "Putridity in Every Day Life."

I like your wording.  It reminds me of this:

    For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the
    quality of life, please press three.
        -- Alice Kahn, writer

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