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Re: Kernel 2.6.16-1.2107_FC5

Globe Trotter wrote:
Wish that Fedora had not released this kernel at all. In three years, this is
the most disappointing things that has happened here, IMO. Fedora's quality has
been superb for everything else, but to ship a kernel with so much problems:
not good.

Glad they took it out. I wonder if they can do something which would
automatically remove it from yum updates.

No, i dont intend walking out on FC. I am far too loyal for that!!


system-config-boot works great for changing the default kernel quickly without the need for an external editor. I use it for most of my systems. It can change the timeout and allows you to choose which version you want to boot by default.

Regarding the kernel with the severe problems, that is why we have the running kernel and the new kernel at install. If the kernel is bad, boot from the last working kernel.

Of course if the kernel causes severe damage, like filesystem corruption, the backup kernel would not be of much use.

Whenever the next kernel is pushed, the 2107 kernel should be removed and your running kernel and the newer kernel should be installed. I had my system running wihout rebooting when several kernels were released and the running kernel was not removed during the update. The newer than the running kernel was removed and the newest kernel available was installed. Things should fall into place once the replacement kernel is released.


Avoid reality at all costs.

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