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Re: Latest Kernel causes problems with Video Card


> > When I upgraded to the latest kernel and then rebooted, in the part
> > where the GUI is supposed to show all the processes beginning just
> > stays back with my mouse as an X.  When I rolled back to
> > 2.6.16-1.2096_FC5 everything was fine again.
> >
> > Let me know what other data you need.

> Kernel version?

2188 seems happy. There was a problem between the 2153 and 2183 kernels
(IIRC) which could result in the problems you're seeing.

2188 is the current rawhide kernel.

As Warren has pointed out though, can we keep this off the -devel list.

The lists are simple enough:

If it's for the core release : use the fedora-list
If it's a rawhide release : use fedora-test-list
If it's directly relevant for developers ONLY : use fedora-devel-list
If it's for extras : use fedora-extras-list


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