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Re: Setting default paper size in Gnome FC5

On Sun, 2006-05-07 at 09:00 +0100, Gavin Simpson wrote:


> As a follow-up, I also checked out libgnomeprint and the settings
> therein after a Google search suggested this. I looked in
> /usr/share/libgnomeprint/2.12.1/globals.xml and
> /usr/share/libgnomeprint/2.12.1/printers/GENERIC.xml. In the former we
> have:
>     <Option Id="Media">
>       <Option Type="List" Id="PhysicalSize" Default="A4">
>         <Item Id="A4">
>           <Name>A4</Name>
>           <Name xml:lang="am">A4</Name>
> ....
> And the latter:
> ....
>   <Settings Id="SETTINGS-000989541673031997000001">
>     <Name>Default</Name>
>     <Key Id="Engine">
>       <Key Value="gnome" Id="Backend"/>
>     </Key>
>     <Key Id="Output">
>       <Key Id="Media">
>         <Key Value="A4" Id="PhysicalSize"/>
>       </Key>
>       <Key Value="360x360" Id="Resolution"/>
>     </Key>
>     <Key Id="Transport">
>       <Key Value="lpr" Id="Backend"/>
>     </Key>
>   </Settings>
> </Printer>
> So all seems well here also. Is there a local gnome pref I need to set in ~/ ?


I have not seen anything definitive, however a Google search led me to a
SuSE list where the following thread may be of help:


Thus, you may want to look at 'man lpoptions' to consider creating a
~/.lpoptions file.

Not sure why this would be required, as gnome-print/CUPS aware
applications should be picking up the default configuration, unless they
have application specific settings, which Evo and Evince do not seem to
have from what I can tell.

One other thing to consider would be to delete and re-define your
printers, in case something got messed up there.

Beyond this, I would have to defer to others relative to what might be
happening here, including the possibility of an FC5 bug of sorts. You
might want to do a search of bugzilla.redhat.com to see if perhaps
something has been posted there that might be relevant.

Best regards,


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