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Re: ssh-ing through an authenticating proxy server

Tony Crouch wrote:
Hi All, I am wanting to log-in remotely from my university campus to my home
machine connected behind a router. In the previous thread, answered by
Thad (thanks for this), I learnt that port-forwarded needs to be enabled
on the router ... done :-)

Now, my only problem is how to use ssh is such a way that it will accept
a username and password in order to authenticate myself to get through
my universities proxy server.

I am guessing something of the like:

ssh --http-username=tony --http-password=***** tony my-modem-ip-address

I had a look through the ssh man page but didn't see anything that stuck
out. So my guess was then that a global proxy username and password file
may need to be created ... or something of the like.

Was wondering if someone might be able to shed some light on this for me

This is something I'd like to do too, but since someone else has said
it's not possible to proxy SSH using http here's what I do instead:

Have an account on a machine that does have a public IP address and
which you can SSH into.  SSH into that machine, forwarding port 22
on an unused local loopback device to port 22 on your home machine/
routers public address.  Now SSH to the loopback address on your
local machine.

Forwarding samba over this connection is left as an exercise for
the reader.


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