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Re: spca5xx freezes system

Lonni J Friedman wrote:
It took me a month, but I finally found time to build a 2.6.16 kernel
with FC5's gcc32, and I confirmed that this does workaround the
problem.  I emailed the developer of spca5xx about this, and this was
his reply:
People report crash when the kernel is configured with a 4ko stack
you should never set this, the jpeg decoder inside the spca5xx module need a
8ko stack.
People report crash with FC5 and gcc 4.1, setting in the Makefile this option
for CFLAGS fix the problem
I am using OpenSuse set with 2.6.16 and gcc 4.1 without any problem

I also tested his -fno-unit-at-a-time workaround, and it made no
difference for me.  His requirement of having an 8K stack seems
ridiculous to me.  This is a webcam driver, it shouldn't need an 8k
stack, especially since no others in the kernel have that requirement.


Kernel.org kernels don't even have a CONFIG_4KSTACKS option any more. Looks like this driver needs some work.



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