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FC5 installation, Adaptec 9405 SAS driver can not use RHEL 4 driver

Hi everybody,

I am trying to install FC5 on an IBM xSeries 306m.
It got the Intel Pentium D processor and
a 70 GB SAS drive (Serial Attached SCSI).
The SAS controler is Adaptec 9405.
During the POST the computer did found the harddisk
and identify it as a JBOD harddisk.

During the installation, FC5 could not find the hard disk.
I have point the driver that comes from IBM for the
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (no FC driver),
by specifying
linux dd=http://localhttpserver/driver.img during bootup,

I have checked from the httpd log that the driver.img file
was read/accessed.
During installation, after FC5 complained that it could not
find the harddisk, it allows you to select the driver. When I go to the driver list, the adp94xx was listed there.
(It was not listed if I did not do the
linux dd=http://localhttpserver/driver.img
during boot up above, so the driver was read properly).
However FC5 still could not find the harddisk.

I have to use the http version of dd, because the machine
do not have a floppy drive, and when I tried to specify
the source of driver during the installation procedure, it
only allows me to mount the driver on /dev/hda.

I then go to the IBM CD setup and setup the harddisk for
DOS, and I can boot up from the harddisk using PC-DOS;
proving that the harddisk itself is OK.

My conclusion then is that the driver for rhel4 was not correct.
Did anybody know how to get hold of the Adaptec 9405 SAS
driver for FC5?

I have looked at the Adapatec website, and over there
after doing some searching I can see that there is this called
"Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI 48300 and AIC-94xx SAS
Driver Source Code v1.0.8-6 *Beta* for Linux Kernel
v2.4.x and v2.6.x on all platforms"

How do I build the driver if I have not got any FC5 machines
around? I got some FC2, FC3 and FC4 machines. Upgrading these machines to FC5 is not an option for me just


Fo Loeng Wahidin.

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