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Re: FC3 + Updated Kernel (2.6.12-1.1372) + Lost /etc/mtab

Every time I see some kind of I/O error it was never a good sign.
If the actual /etc/mtab is gone, that's a bad sign. But then it might be as simple
as doing an fsck on the filesystem.


check the mount man page:
"it is possible to replace /etc/mtab by a symbolic link to /proc/mounts..."


On 5/23/06, Trevor TeC Christian < trevor bouyon dalive com> wrote:
Trevor "TeC" Christian wrote:
> Good day:
> I just used yum to upgrade my kernel on my FC3 box and on shutdown and
> reboot, began getting errors indicating and input/output error with
> /etc/mtab.
> When entering the directory this file from ls looks like a link that's
> lost it's link - if you get what I'm saying... I flashes and is points
> to nothing.  The file size, owner and permission sections of the ls -l
> output all appear as question marks.
> What happened?  How should this be fixed?
> Thanx
Looking back at root mail, it seems this error may have been showing up
from early Sunday morning - after a power failure, shutdown and reboot -
during a cron attempt to update the slocate database.

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