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RE: FC5: Apache issue? Or something else?

> Everyone,
> I guess I'm finding some of the little glitches in FC5. :-)
> On one of my FC5 machines, I run a webserver (Apache 2.2.2).
> I can connect to it normally from any web browser on any machine in the
> world on the Internet...save one. The machine it's on! From that
> machine, running Firefox or Ephiphany, it says that it cannot connect to
> the Web server. Turning off the firewall doesn't help. Never had the
> problem in FC1-4. Any ideas?

It sounds more like a misconfiguration issue than anything else.  A couple possible

1) Your httpd.conf is not configured to listen to the localhost adapter.

2) Your /etc/hosts file does not have an entry for the external IP of server and/or
your DNS doesn't resolve the server.

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