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FC Pine passfile default? Maintainer(s)?

Over on comp.mail.pine, I recently lucked into catching the invaluable
interest of Nancy McGough, the authority on making Pine jump through hoops
and like it at www.ii.com. With her vast help, I'm at least halfway (as
near as I can judge) to setting up a master Pine configuration to handle
my very different email accounts from one place; and at this point she has
recommended, and after consulting my local LUG I have agreed, that I would
do well to set up a passfile.

But there we hit a snag. She asks : 

> OK, let's go for it! I can walk you through setting it up using 
> the '-passfile' command-line argument, but it would be useful for 
> you (and others!) to find out the default value that this RedHat 
> Pine uses. Could you please ask the maintainer of that RH Pine 
> package what is the default Pine PASSFILE that he/she built this 
> RH Pine with? That way I can write about it in the Pine docs I'm 
> writing.

The snag, of course (as I have just explained, I hope not too verbosely,
on c.m.p) is that I have no idea who the maintainer is. (Incidentally, it
would be a vast benefit if someone could find a way to make "yum install
pine" work, presumably through some one or more of the unofficial repos.)

My own procedure, fwiw, is to get an rpm for each new Fedora, from UW or
Dag or livna; try "rpm -ivh" (or -Uvh); get a dependency or three (nearly
always); command "yum install <dependency>" -- hoping for all I'm worth to
see that succeed; repeat the rpm command; and turn instantly back into a
happy camper. 

Until all that works, I keep one machine un-upgraded, just for running
Pine; I'm a diehard's diehard about that. (I took up linux, years ago,
most of all in order to be able to run real Pine.)

If there at least *IS* a Fedora default passfile for Pine, common to
maintainers of Pine for Fedora, what is it? Or if there is one maintainer,
or a chief maintainer, who is it and is there somewhere else I should ask?

If there are two or three defaults (for UW, livna, and Dag perhaps?), what
are they?

Fwiw, I'm sure my own present instance is from livna; but the more
definitively and completely I can report back to comp.mail.pine, and for
Nancy's splendid Pine FAQ, the better.

Beartooth Staffwright, Wordcrafty Squirreler, Neo-
Redneck Retiree,  Not Quite Clueless FC Power User

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