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Re: inconsistent checksums on copied directories

> > 
> > my problem is not with by-file verification,
> > but on the directory as a whole....
> Not sure I follow you. Both methods /do/ check "the
> directory as a 
> whole" -- i.e. the entire contents of the directory
> and everything under 
> it, however they do it at a level of comparing
> individual files.
i am trying to verify a copied directory
in one shot- thus-
i create a temporary archive with
'tar cf - dir_name'
and then pipe it to sha1sum:
tar cf - dir_name | sha1sum
for the original and copied directories,
for each while in its parent directory.

> Rsync's /raison d'etre/ is to make exact copies of
> entire directory 
> trees, including metadata, so if it finishes without
> error, you can be 
> confident that you have a good copy.
interesting. cp -a also preserves metadata

> Giving tar the "--verify" option will cause it to do
> checksum 
> verifications as well.
> If you require a method that works
> 'offline'--without access to the 
> actual directories themselves--then that's a
> different issue.
nice. but tar tells me that it
Cannot verify stdin/stdout archive

charles f zeitler

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