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Re: need FSCK help!

On Mon October 2 2006 1:41 pm, Lonni J Friedman wrote:
> /boot does not need to be mounted to boot your system.  Is
> /boot in fstab?  Can you mount it manually?  If its not
> mounted, you can certainly run fsck on it now.

I'm at work, now, and the machine is at home - I'll check when I 
get back.

> > Anyhow, presuming my guessing above is correct, if I boot
> > into single user mode and run FSCK on sda1, which is ext2,
> > is there any reason that shouldn't work? How well does fsck
> > actually do with bad sectors - does it attempt to read the
> > data off of them and put it somewhere else? Any experience
> > on the efficacy of fsck would be appreciated - I just
> > rebuilt this machine from the bare drive up due to a stupid
> > mistake last weekend - I'm sort of floored this is all
> > happenning.
> fsck does not normally relocate data, it only fixes what
> exists, to the best of its ability.  Your drive should be
> transparently dealing with bad blocks such that the data
> doesn't get written to them.  How old is your disk?  Have you
> run smartctl on it recently?

The disk is almost brand new. Actually, I did run smartctl last 
night, though I didn't really understand all the output. One 
thing that jumped out was that for all three of my disks, there 
was a "test passed" message about 1/3 of the way down in the 
output. or maybe "disk passed" - I'll do it again when I get 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, Md, USA

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