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Re: Selinux - iptables and other errors

On 10/2/06, Claude Jones <claude_jones levitjames com> wrote:
On Mon October 2 2006 11:26 pm, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> 1) I have no solutions..sorry.

That's OK

> 2) A mailing list has recently been open jsut for SELinux
> related issues.... you will have to search for the address, I
> am not on the list

I know about it - used to belong to the other one, but it was way
over my head

> 3) I think you wil have better results here if you seperate
> your problem into a post per problem.

You probably didn't read closely - the two anomalies I reported
both had to do with iptables - I think it's only one problem.

My mistake.

also suspect this may be related to another separate post I made
on another issue, but that wasn't so clear, so I separated the
posts - that's the one whose subject is "need FSCK help!"

Despite all this, iptables is actually up and running, and the
rules are active, my NIC is working, and I'm connecting to the
internet - it's mighty strange...

Well, if its an old hard drive, or one of questionable quality, you
may want to just backup your data...just incase.

Fedora Core 5 and proud

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