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Re: VNC problem - now more understood - but a solution?

Mike Cohler wrote:
Raman Gupta wrote:

have a work-around that works for me. Before starting up x11vnc, I run

DISPLAY=:0 xset -dpms

After my VNC session, I restore dpms

DISPLAY=:0 xset +dpms

Unfortunately, this wakes up the remote monitor, and disables sleep
mode, but it works. YMMV.

Thanks - though I have seen postings elsewhere saying that it is
possible to use
vbetool dpms on
vbetool dpms off

See "man vbetool"

Apparently xset sometimes does not use the dpms system even though X
is supposed to - maybe this is why the unexpected behaviour occurs
after you have used those commands?

On my system, vbetool dpms on/off seems to have no affect on the DPMS state (though currently I'm remote so the only way I can confirm is via xset q). I *do* know, however, that xset, on my system, does in fact change the DPMS state (which allows the monitor to sleep or not), and it correctly reports whether the monitor is on or off.


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