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Re: network route

On Wed, 2006-10-04 at 20:13 +0200, Joe Ventker wrote:
> Hi Ric,
> I just know, that some things don't work... Can you tell, what works?
> What happens, if you "ping/traceroute" the Gateway-IP? What
> happens, if you do a "nslookup www.redhat.com" (or things like
> that"?
> cu,
> Joe

In passthrough mode I am not getting to the gateway nor is DNS
responding. In DHCP mode after several resets, it works. Please note, in
passthrough mode on the modem, I have all of the static IP stuff set on
this machine using network-config-gui. When that fails, I got back to
the network config and set it to DHCP, then make sure network manager is
up and running in services, hit the hard reset on the modem and reconfig
it to the same static IP values. Then it works to the net. 

So, ethernet is working in DHCP at server and modem. Setting static IP
and DNS values at the server to a passthough set modem is failing. I'm
thinking I need to enable a route.   
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