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Re: [FC5] Postfix v 2.3

Michael Fleming wrote:
On Thu, 05 Oct 2006 21:26:13 -0500
"M.Lewis" <cajun cajuninc com> wrote:

Are there any problems (compatibility issues) with installing Postfix
v 2.3 on FC5?

I'd like to get the Dovecot SASL support, but it doesn't look like
the Fedora folks are in any hurry to upgrade to v 2.3. Maybe it's a compatibility issue?

I've been running 2.3.x on my servers for a while now with no issues,
so it's not a compatibility problem.

I'm not a Dovecot user though (Courier-IMAP here) but as I recall as
long as Postfix can connect to and use the Dovecot authentication
socket it should Just Work.

Thanks for any insight!


Thanks Michael. So you must have installed from the tarball.

Postfix didn't support Dovecot SASL until v2.3



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