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Re: Is there a "yum re-install"?

Timothy Murphy wrote:
For some reason I do not understand,
some of the files in an rpm/yum package (libXmu) are missing.
I could download the rpm again, and run "rpm -Uvh ...".
I cannot run "yum remove", as this would remove 157 packages.

Is there any command to force a yum install,
even if the package in question is already installed?

What I do when files are missing from a package is to run
rpm -e --justdb --nodeps <packagename>
to get rid of the database entry for the package. I then run
yum install packagename and answer yes to the yum prompt. This will install the package and give you rpmnew or rpmsave files for important configuration files that it encounters.

I verified the packages reinstalled using this method and all verified alright. This method is better than forcing an rpm erasure of packages. All that you removed was the knowledge for yum and rpm to know whether the package exists or not. You can still run the program.


Windows NT encountered the following error: The operation completed

   -- From a Slashdot.org post

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