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Re: Time problem with ntpd

From: "Rob Brown-Bayliss" <uncertain genius gmail com>

On 10/7/06, Rob Brown-Bayliss <uncertain genius gmail com> wrote:
Hi, I noticed this aftetrnoon that my system clock is about 23 minutes
fast.  I ma using ntpd, and earlier today it was reporting the correct

In the last few mins the time has corrected it's self.  But can UI
trust the system clock any more?

You can answer that for yourself by using ntpq.

From the ntpq prompt "peers" is interesting. It allows other perhaps
less interesting commands like "assoc" and exploration of the parameters.

The command "ntpq -p" simply returns the peers list.

Monitor this for extended periods and see why your system wanders off.
It requires a day or two of continuous online time for ntpd to fully
characterize your system and get the clock in line so that long periods
off line (a day or so) involve no traumatic corrections or errors.


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