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Re: all commands of all users

On Sun, 8 Oct 2006, adel essafi laposte net wrote:

> Dear all
> I am managing a fedora server in a high school. users connect to the server
> through ssh.
> I want to know if it is possible to configure the server so that I get all
> the command line they type in real type.
> the .bash_histoty is not a reliable solution because, it is updated after
> logout and the user can erase it.
> Is there another way?

technical aspects aside, are you sure you want to be doing this?
that's a pretty thorough breach of privacy, although i suspect that,
as long as every login is accompanied by the warning, "ALL OF YOUR
KEYSTROKES ARE BEING RECORDED," you're probably good there.

but what's next?  are you going to track all of the intra-machine
emails next?  why not just put in enough security to be able to track
security breaches and leave it at that?  why implement a learning
environment that's just plain paranoid?

just my $0.02.


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