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Re: Renaming photos based on date/time

On 09/10/06, Steven P. Ulrick <lists-fedora afolkey2 net> wrote:
On Mon, 9 Oct 2006 12:38:07 +0200
"Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen gmail com> wrote:

> I have a recursive directory of photos with inconsistent file-names.
> Is there a program that will rename all the files, based upon the time
> and date that the photo was taken? Can I do this with bash (that means
> that bash will need to read the exif data)? Thanks in advance for any
> ideas.
> Dotan Cohen

I know that you specifically asked for a command line utility that
would accomplish what you want.  But if you would not mind trying a
graphical application, KRename will do what you want.

For an experiment, I started out with a tree of 7 directories and 44
files.  The file names started out looking like this:
100_0219.JPG 100_0220.JPG 100_0221.JPG 100_0222.JPG 100_0223.JPG
100_0224.JPG 100_0225.JPG 100_0226.JPG 100_0227.JPG 100_0228.JPG

I then went through the following steps after opening up KRename:
1. Clicked the "Add" button and navigated to the root of the series of
directories that contained the files that I wanted to rename.
2. Checked the box names "Add sub-directories recursively" and then
clicked "Open"
3. I then clicked the "File-name" tab.  This is where we start to
construct the file-name the way that you want it.
4. In the "Template" box, I delete the "$" symbol.  That eliminates the
old file-name from the "Renamed" preview column.
5. Next I click the "Functions" button and select "JPEG EXIF Info" from
the drop down menu.
6. This brings up a list of over twenty choices.  For this experiment,
I picked the following (I added the " - " between choices for
formatting purposes.  You can leave that out or put whatever you want
in there):
[jpgCreationDate] - [jpgCreationTime] - [jpgDate/time]
7. I then clicked the "Finish" button.  This resulted in recursively
renamed jpgs that look like this:
06/05/03 - 07:04:59 am - 06/05/03 07:04:59 am 01.JPG
06/05/03 - 07:15:24 am - 06/05/03 07:15:24 am 02.JPG
06/05/03 - 07:15:38 am - 06/05/03 07:15:38 am 03.JPG

Unfortunately, my system doesn't display the "/" symbol correctly, so
the file-names only look exactly like that in Konqueror.  But you could
use KRename to change the "/" symbol to whatever you want it to be.

You can get the most recent version's FC5 RPM here:

Here is the KRename download page:

Hope this helps,
Steven P. Ulrick

Thanks, Steven. I will give Krename a shot. I completely forgot about
this program. What;s good about a GUI app, that the wife can use it
when uploading pics from the camers. Thank you very much

Dotan Cohen


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