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Re: Suspend and the blinking power led

Louis Garcia wrote:
I noticed that windows doesn't have the power led blinking when
suspended as fedora does. Any reason for this? how much power does that
consume? Is their a way to change the behavior? This is on a laptop by
the way.

The difference is probably the nature of the suspend. Suspend to disk is when the system writes the memory to disk (swap area usually) and then turns off completely. No power used and no lights flashing.

Suspend to memory is a different sort of hibernation where the system is put to sleep but the memory is kept powered up to retain its contents. This mode does require some power to keep the memory powered and usually has some kind of flashing light. The benefit of this approach is it is much faster to suspend/resume then the to-disk approach.

So, how did you suspend the machine in each case ?



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