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My Printer has quit; suggestions appreciated.


'cups-config-daemon' kept reloading and mis-loading my printer at login
so I turned the config-daemon off.  Everything was fine.  I turned the
cups-config-daemon back on in a rash moment and now all my printers are
screwed up.

I have an HP psc 1315 which is still working fine in WindowsXP.  On
Fedora it is configured using the FC5 printer gui as:

Name: psc-1310-series (the d-bus daemon doesn't recognize the name so
adds its own version of the printer)

Queue Type: Locally connected
Queue Options: 'Standard' option name scp-fc5  True
Driver: PSC 1310 hpijs
Driver Options: Effective Filter Locale   C
	Resolution etc: 300 dpi, Color, Color Cartr.
	Page Size: Letter
	Model:	HP PSC 1310
	Printout Mode: Normal (Color Cartridge)

Refuses to print; Printer's Check Cartridges warning light flashes.

Regards Bill

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