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Re: Reinstalling grub?

On Thursday 12 October 2006 20:07, Knute Johnson wrote:
> >> Is there a step missing?  That all works but it still boots WinXP not
> >> grub.
> >
> >Nothing is missing as far as writing the GRUB loader to the MBR but
> >those steps assume that grub.conf is intact. (Which it should be if
> >nothing has happened except re-installing WinXP.)
> Robert et al:
> I don't know what is happening but when I turned on my computer this
> morning grub launched just like is was supposed to and everything is
> working fine.  I don't know if I'm just lost in the twilight zone or
> what :-).  Thanks for all of the suggestions and help.
> --
> Knute Johnson
> Molon Labe...

Hi Knute. That is really, reeeally weird. I'd sort of run out of ideas. I 
still have XP on 2 drives, which also have linux distros on them as well, but 
as XP is virtually unused, I've never been in the situation to have to 
reinstall it, and experience any resulting booting problems.

Was the machine just shut down normally last night, or do you unplug it from 
the wall socket?

How long has the cmos battery been in? I would though have expected other 
problems if that had been near to expiring.

Do you feel like doing it all again just for fun, and reinstalling XP, just to 
see if the same problem comes up again?  Sorry. I couldn't resist that. Only 
joking, but  it is annoying when something that isn't working, suddenly works 
for no apparent reason.

I'm glad it's all working again. Next time you have to reinstall XP, come back 
again, and we'll try to discover what went wrong the first time.

All the best.


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