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Re: enabling Ethernet card

Margaret Wolfe-Roberts wrote:
Hi, I am a brand new Fedora user--just getting my toe into the water
with it--so please excuse my unsophisticated use of the lingo.

I'm having a problem getting online at home with my Ethernet card not
being "enabled" although it worked at my BIL's house where we
installed Fedora just fine.   Both of us are using cable internet.

The ISPs that I am familiar with use DHCP to get the addresses. Are you using a service that assigns addresses or a service that you have to setup a certain IP address?

I tried going through administrative steps to ''enable" the card and
first it seems to be doing it, then at the last minute it gives some
error message.    I tried removing the card from the list and letting
the system search for and add it again, but no improvement.

Was the Ethernet card recognized?
Any suggestions?

First, if the card is not automatically detected again after removal, you might need to add the card back under the "hardware" tab by selecting "new", selecting the type of card you have, (Ethernet, wireless or the other of the choices.) This step should find your Ethernet card sort of automatically. After the above steps, I had to add the card back to the device section and general tab, select "activate device when computer starts", select "Automatically obtain IP adress settings with DHCP". I also selected "Automatically obtain DNS information from provider".

This step is not needed always, but I check the "Bind to MAC address" and click on the probe button. I believe that this setting will prevent your card from being eth0 and eth1 without warning if you have multiple cards. It usually works fine without performing the process.
Hopefully, this will get you started and hopefully on your way.

Welcome to Fedora.

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around us in awareness.
		-- James Thurber

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