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Problems with external display

I have a Latitude D600 with the infamous ATI Radeon card. I just did a
complete rebuild of my system (FC5) and can't get the external monitor
to work.

Before - using the Display app in admin, I specified my monitor as a
Dell 2001 FP Analog, set the display at 1600x1200xMillions, rebooted,
and the system took care of itself - when in the replicator connected
to the LCD I would get 1600x1200, when I was using the laptop on it's
own I would get 1024x768, no complaints.

After the complete reinstall (needed to replan my partitions etc) I've
done the same, however can only get 1024x768 externally. When I go to
the Gnome Screen Resolution tool all that is available is 1024x768, no
others, and the refresh rate is fixed at -25873 Hz, neither is
adjustable. I'm running the stock Radeon drivers picked up by FC
during installation.

This happened with my last install too at one point, but a reboot
fixed the problem. No such luck this time around.

Anyone have any ideas?

Burlington, Canada

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