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Re: raw1394 problems galore

Dan Dennedy wrote:
On Monday 16 October 2006 2:38 pm, Stefan Richter wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
kino-0.8 receives video from it in real time and is doing so right now,
and can capture it to file, and then play/edit that file, or could
saturday when I last tried it.  I ASSume that kino-0.9.2 could also
play/edit that file, but have not verified that by reinstalling 0.9.2.
I was told it was a total rewrite of bad code when I complained about a
year ago.  My reply at the time was that it worked, and I don't often
fix things that are working.  I'm getting lazy in my dotage I guess.
I don't remember what was changed at that time. Maybe that was the
addition of the new isochronous interface that I mentioned. The old one
was (is?) still there but maybe there were interactions...

Allow me to help clarify. There are 4 interfaces for capturing DV--I kid you not! One is video1394, which Kino has never supported for capture. Kino 0.8.0 supports legacy raw1394 and dv1394 switchable via Preferences. Gene is using the legacy raw1394 in that version, based upon a screenshot he sent. Kino 0.9.2 supports dv1394 and libiec61883 (atop raw1394 rawiso) switchable ONLY at build time requiring an explicit configure option for dv1394. This is to coerce builders to the newest and best capture interface.

However this  is not related to the inability to issue AV/C commands, which
are issued asynchronously.

Correct; it is very curious that his device is not recognized via configROM probes and does not respond to AV/C control commands. This now impacts Kino 0.9.2 with libiec61883 (Gene's configuration) because I simplified the UI for the typical case--the one where 1394 asynch works. In that case, the first recognized camera during a bus traversal (or selectable via a simple pulldown menu) lets Kino determine on which 1394 port this device sits in order to make capture "just work." (permissions issues to /dev/raw1394 aside :-) It is very rare that someone can capture but not have AV/C and device recognition. The majority of problem reports are just the opposite with the majority resolved by unloading eth1394!

After a fresh install of kernel-2.6.18-1.2200.fc5 and friends tonight, it all, for kino-0.9.2, Just Works(TM) with one minor exception. The sound I hear while not capturing is intermittently all tore up, very choppy. This effect seems to come and go at random intervals, but I didn't notice it when playing back the capture later.

All previous kernels were 2.6.17-1 with whatever the redhat folks patched in for their usage.

FWIW, even dvcont works now. So ATM, and until I get that wedding tape into my hands (its at home, while I'm sitting in a motel waiting on a freight shipment that SHOULD have been here Sept 28th, am a happy camper but twiddling my arthritic thumbs to the point of needing pain meds.

In other words, YIPPEE!

Cheers everybody, Gene

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