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Re: Another slip in the FC6 schedule

ronald wrote:
Jesse Keating wrote:

it's always difficult to me to express my thoughts in correct english
sentences. therefore it's always a one-sentence-statement, which could
be misunderstood and i believe here also: my email wasn't a complaint !

-iirc- you and all working on fedora are (at least) since mid sept.
under steam to hold this [censored] date.

why/where is the need to raise this steam by announcing *dates* in a
weekly beat ?

means: take that time you need to release a proper fc6.

i believe the peoples are more interested in quality then in this
release *date*.

and - reading between the lines - yesterday it was notedly (fc5 on
production boxes is at least a compliment to FC5 and all involved people !)

but repetitively slip dates and "draft draft draft" on the schedule site
is honest, but have a psychological effect also.

that all.

okay ?

i personally have no problems with the running fc6-devel here.

Here are my two cents (or tuppence, deux centimes, dos centavos, zwei pfennigen, or whatever):

When I first upgraded from FC3 to 4, I had problems--problems that did not resolve until two or three rounds of updates to core packages.

When I heard the complaints about 5, I passed on the upgrade.

As regards 6, I would much preferred a delayed release to one rife with bugs.

I agree: Take your time and do it right. The developers will do no favors either to the community or to Red Hat by rushing a release.


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