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Re: Newly installed 2 CPU Xeon 5130 hangs

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Hi Gilboa, David, and James,

Thank you for quick responses, your advises and the pointers.

In our case, the server was completely locked. Nothing would happen for three hours in the system log. In one instance, we had an X terminal open and there was no response.

For now, I've followed your advise of going to run level 3 along with unplugging keyboard, mouse, and monitor (just in case it could be interference with external hardware). In addition, I stopped the following services: atd, anacron, avahi-daemon, bluetooth, cpuspeed, rpcgssd, rpcidmapd, autofs, acpid, gpm, and xfs.

Knock the wood, but so far the server has stayed up for 18 hours. I'm going to give it another 2 days before I'll conclude that this is it. If not, I'll look into a memtest or the NULL cable.

Thank you again.


On Oct 18, 2006, at 10:21 AM, Gilboa Davara wrote:

On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 07:02 -0400, Peter Møller Neergaard wrote:
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Over the weekend, we installed a new server based on two Xeon 5130
processors.  We installed Fedora Core 5 and updated to the latest
versions on the package.

Since installing the server, we've two times experienced that the
server completely hang: all processes became unresponsive and there
was no longer generated any log information.  In both cases we had to
hard reboot the machine.  The first time after 3 hours, the second
time after 30 minutes.

1. Are there any known issues that could cause this?

2.  Any suggestions for BIOS settings that might cause this

3.  Any suggestions on how to determine whether this is the hardware
or the operating system.

The best suggestion, I've found so far is turning off unused services.

I've included the full output of "uname -a" and "/proc/cpuinfo" below
in case it matters.

Thank you in advance.


I'd suggest you do the following (step by step):
A. run memtest86 [1] on the machine for ~24 hours. Are there any memory
B. Start the machine in text-only runlevel 3 [2], does the machine still
C. Get a serial NULL cable and use to monitor the machine from a remote
machine [3]. Can you see any kernel error logs?

- Gilboa

[1] http://www.memtest86.com/

[2] When grub starts, type E (edit) and add "3" to the command line and
then 'B' (boot)

[3] I.
http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Remote-Serial-Console-HOWTO/configure-kernel- grub.html
      II. Install agetty.
      IIII. Use minicom (Linux) or HyperTerminal (Windows) to open a
terminal on the machine.

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