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Re: How to re-install a Fedora kernel

Mel wrote:
I had something very unusual today. My FC5 kernel crashed.

I am not sure why.

Dropping back one version restored my system to operation.

How can I force a re-installation of a specific version of the kernel? I use YUM. I would be happy to just remove and re-install that version (the latest).

You can remove the non-booting kernel by first running rpm -q kernel to list the versions. Then you will want to remove the non-working version which is outputted.

 rpm -q kernel
kernel-2.6.18-1.2784.fc6 - boots OK
kernel-2.6.18-1.2798.fc6 - Does not boot

Next, run the below:
rpm -e kernel-2.6.18-1.2798.fc6

If you want to be sure that the kernel failed because whatever it needed was being updated at the time and the old version would have installed with all the latest programs installed, run 'yum update kernel' and confirm that you want to proceed with the install.

If it still fails, you can remove it once again. Search for an open report or file a new report in bugzilla referencing what is on the screen when the kernel fails to boot.


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