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Re: with recent kernel-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5, ACPI: Invalid PBLK length [5] error warning

>> I've just noticed something with the last kernel update that I don't see
>> with prior kernels:  During the very early stages of writing text to the
>> screen at boot time, there's a message like this:
>> ACPI: Invalid PBLK length [5]

Jeff Vian:
> You just said that the "last kernel update" gives you these errors.
> Below you list the release version of the kernel as the one that gives
> the errors. (a 2.6.15 version, and the latest is a 2.6.18 version).

My list was wrong.  I've got so damn used to seeing things being listed
upside-down on computers, that I marked the top of the list instead of
the bottom without thinking.  Grrr!

Yes, it's the latest kernel that produced that error, and I'm booting up
using it.  And yes, the whole system's kept up to date.

Take two:

 rpm -q kernel
kernel-2.6.18-1.2200.fc5  (the one showing the error)

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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