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Re: Can't boot kernel-2.6.18-1.2200.fc5

Goksin Akdeniz wrote:
In VAR the boot.log file is empty (0 bytes).
DMesg has no info about the failure
Messages also has no info about the failure.

What happens is that I get the boot menu and select the kernel I want.
This part is ok.

Then I get some text that is to fast for me to read.

What I can read says something about a panic - APCI- - an unsafe unwind
and mentions something called DWARF2.

Ok then here is a suggestion:

Boot your system. Select the 2.6.18-xxx kernel and press e to edit boot options. Move to the end of the line with right & left arrow keys. Type acpi=off et tne end of the line. Press enter and then b

So your new kernel will boot with ACPI disabled. If it is really a power issu this will reveal it.

And how to get the boot.log file?

It is easy. When you log in to tthe system run terminal/konsole. type su or su root and become root.

when it is done type gedit. Now you van browse and edit files. Ypu can read the content od boot.msg and boot.log in /var/log.

I hope it works.

Goksin Akdeniz

I understand what you are telling me - almost.

I am using grub.

I get more than one line. Which one gets the acpi=off?

Would editing grub.conf and adding acpi=off at the end of the kernel line do the same thing?

I will try then one by one while I am waiting to hear from you.

I can get to /var/log. There is no boot.msg file. There are several versions of boot.log -- all of them are 0 bytes in length -- they are empty.

I have looked at the DMesg, messages (more than one version, and the boot files. I see no data about the failures.

Is there a way to turn on recording into the boot,log file?

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