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Re: Bad SATA devices performance

The problem comes when I burn a DVD ISO in a blank DVD.

I lost all my graphical interface to continue working in other aplications
(as firefox, openoffice, thunderbird).

When I say "lost", I want to say that all graphical system (and system
performance) slow down drastically. I notice that "average load" in
"gnome-performance-monitor" goes up, but CPU a bit loaded only.

Any tool, kernel param, or anything that allow me to diagnose and solve
this problem?

My laptop appears to have any intel ┬┐"ICH"? controller (I don't know at
this moment).


El Mar, 24 de Octubre de 2006, 13:34, David Timms escribi├│:
> ArcosCom Linux User wrote:
>> Hi guys, I have a problem with my laptop dvd+-rewriter (and posibily the
>> hard disk too).
>> Them are SATA devices, and with I need to move many data, all system
>> performance goes very slow. I'm desesperate, because IDE laptops with
>> less
>> memory and less speed have better performance than mine.
>> When I burn DVD's or CD's, all graphical system goes down (in
>> performance), but CPU is fine, but transactional charge is very high. I
>> must wait the burn proccess was finish to take control to the system
>> using
>> graphical interface.
>> I use FC5 and gnome. To burn I use k3b.
>> I test and vanilla kernels too.
>> Any help with kernel params, diagnose/configuration tools that allow me
>> solve this problem?
> For a visual idea of how it is performing install gkrellm, and add
> monitors for each of the physical disk and dvd drive, along with cpu's
> might give some hint. Also, if there is an image being created to write
> to the CD, perhaps this would kill half-two two thirds of the available
> disk bandwidth. For example if the image is being created in /tmp, but
> the source files are on another partition, there might be excess
> {necessary} disk I/O.
> DaveT.
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